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Dotan's Revolutionary Kick-Up Rudder - Perfect for Optimist

Welcome to Dotan's smart, innovative and unique kick-up Opti rudder. Dotan's rudder will make your Optimist sailing experience much more enjoyable than your previous Optimist sailing experiences. Why?

Optimist sailors have for years struggled to install the regular Optimist rudder, especially when the wind is blowing and the water is choppy. Too often, Optimist sailors must stand up to their waist in the water, unsuccessfully trying to align the rudder pins with the boat's rocking transom. Even slips and rafts do not solve this problem. It's annoying, and it often takes the wind out of youngsters' enthusiasm for the sport.
You, Optimist sailor, will probably recognize the following resulting complications:

Sometimes you have to stand in water to your waist in order to install the standard Optimist rudder Children try to align the rudder pins with the boat's rocking transom Even slips do not solve the problem of the regular Optimist rudder setting Even on slips you cannot put out to sea without the help It is too difficult to install the regular Optimist rudder without assistance

Then, when returning to shore later, the Opti sailor's problems begin all over again. The boat must be stopped before reaching the shore because the rudder will break if it hits the bottom.

You must jump into water before landing The boat has become without control, and a young sailor is forced to row by hands You have to swim and to pull the boat without any control You must take off the rudder before reaching the shore because the rudder will break if it hits the bottom

So why then is Dotan's rudder smart, innovative and superior to regular Oppie rudders?

The following features set Dotan's rudder in a class of its own:
  1. The Dotan rudder is Installed on Optimist Before Launching

  2. Virtuoso Performance: Flick-of-the Wrist Magic

  3. Rudder Box: Constructed of Non-Corrosive, Composite Materials

  4. Rudder Blade: Lighter, yet durable

  5. Blade Shape: NASA//NACA Hydrodynamic Standard

  6. Rudder Adjustment

The Dotan Rudder is Installed on Your Optimist Before Launching
You can launch your Optimist into the water from a beach, ramp or jetty with the rudder already installed! After pushing off from the shore, you flick your wrist up and down in a 1-2 motion and the blades drop down. Even six year old can do this!(see Attention Optimist Sailors).

Choose a rudder for your Optimist from Dotan Rudder Collection Rudder - 14 is developed for the Optimist Optimist club with Dotan rudder

Virtuoso Performance
  • Winner of the METS Design Award, Dotan rudder patent mechanism enables you to lift and to lower the blade with a simple flick of the wrist. After pushing off from shore, grab the tiller and flick your wrist up and down in a 1-2 action; the blade immediately drops down and locks in its vertical position. The Dotan rudder's wrist action takes a second to perform. (Check out the Video Clip)

  • When beaching, you don't need to do a thing; the rudder blade automatically kicks up as you hit the shore. Then push down on the tiller to set the blade in a fully horizontal position. To preserve the lower blade from abrasion that can occur when hitting the shore, it's recommended to lift the blade with a simple flick of the wrist before hitting the shore, then fixing the blade in the horizontal position.(Check out the Video Clip)
    The Dotan Optimist rudder wrist action takes a second to perform Dotan Rudder is installed on Optimist before launching Even a child of six will take to Dotan Optimist rudder like a fish to water!

  • When hitting underwater obstacles such as rocks, sandbanks, jellyfish, etc., the blade automatically kicks up. Lift and lower the tiller with a flick of your wrist; the blade immediately reverts to its vertical, functioning position. No more broken rudders! No more repairs! No more rudder expenses!

  • Even when launching from a marina jetty or pier, a pre-installed Dotan kick-up rudder will enhance your sailing experiences because it enables you to make exciting excursions and beach on picturesque coasts or islands instead of restricting you to return to home base (as the regular rudder does). Dotan kick-up rudder enables you to go put to shore virtually anywhere.

  • Blade Fixing.

Rudder Box: Constructed of Non-Corrosive, Composite Materials
Incomparably strong and matchlessly durable, the Dotan rudder box was developed more a decade ago by Dotan Maritime Industries (after intensive, prolonged laboratory research) using non-corrosive, composite materials which make the Dotan rudder box steady against dynamic loadings.

Inside the box, the minimalist 3-part (super-smart!) roller-lock-coulisse mechanism has been confirmed by authoritative sources (based on operational experience) to serve sailors with a minimum lifespan of 10 trouble-free years, without wear-and-tear.

Rudder Blade: Lighter, yet Durable
The Dotan rudder racing blade manufacturing process with high pressure and thermal stress is more efficient than vacuum technologies many times over.

The Dotan rudder racing blade also differs from other blades in that it is structured with special developed anti-vibrator ribs and reinforcing longeron inside the blade. This atypical structure gives the blade extraordinary strength. The Dotan rudder racing blade is made of directed glass material, ensuring high durability at small weight.

Dotan Maritime Industries produces other blade types, for example, wooden varnished blades and wooden blades with reinforced edges for sailing school, coated with fiberglass and epoxy.

Blade Shape: NASA//NACA Hydrodynamic Standard
The Dotan rudder blade's profile is designed on the basis of the NACA 0009 hydrodynamic profile (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics). The Dotan rudder blade's shape minimizes wave and inductive resistance.

100% Compliance with Optimist Class Dimensions Rules
Dotan rudder 100% compliance with Optimist Class Dimensions Rules

The proof of the pudding is usually in the eating. Test the Dotan rudder. You'll immediately be convinced of its important advantages and capabilities. Choose a rudder for your Optimist from our Rudder Collection.

For a preview of the Dotan rudder in action, see the Short Video-Clip and Flick-of-the-Wrist Magic.

The Dotan rudder system is the best available rudder system for both experienced sailors and beginners. Sailors, skippers and yachtspersons worldwide are beginning to enjoy the benefits of Dotan's kick-up rudders (See Global acclaim).

Dinghy and catamaran sailors and sailing school trainers and teachers: Share your thoughts and opinions now in the Optimist Rudder Forum! ! Inform others that a smart solution is now available, thanks to the revolutionary Dotan Optimist kick-up rudder!

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